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Sportz Farm is a NJ based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to bridge a disconnect that exists between local student athletes’ athletic prowess and their failure to shift that talent past the high school level.

Sportz Farm is a mentoring program developed to assist underprivileged, at-risk inner-city youth, leverage their sports and academic capabilities to obtain scholarships to attend college.

Not only does Sportz Farm provide athletic, weight, speed & agility training but also instills social responsibility in the students via mandatory volunteer community work, character building & academic support via focused tutoring sessions for both school and ACT/SAT Prep. Student-athletes are required to volunteer their time to other local charities and good causes in efforts to help the kids build character and give back to their communities.

Sportz Farm fills a void in a community where youth are often not taught that academic achievement should come before sports. The Sportz Farm Foundation's mission is to “produce professionals on and off the field."

About Us


We are an educationally based Non-Profit Organization. We strive to build character in young men and women to support our mission of producing professionals on & off the field. We help talented young athletes pursue their goals by providing elite skill & weight training and maximize their exposure through participation in national invitational camps & tournaments. Combined with the academic support and mentoring we offer, Sportz Farm stands out as the premiere sports group of its kind.

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What We Do:

Sportz Farm gives student athletes in the 7th grade and up every advantage they need to be successful in taking their talents to the collegiate level. Not only are they provided with the athletic and nutritional based training but also the academic preparatory support, ACT/SAT prep, college application/essay & FAFSA assistance, college tours, college camps and more.

Football Recruiting Services

Tutoring for School & ACT/SAT Prep

College application, essay & FAFSA assistance

Exposure via College Camps, Combines & Invitational’s

National and Regional College Tours

Character Building via Community Volunteerism

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know which program to sign my student athlete up for?

Sportz Farm counselors will walk you through the process so we can be sure your student athlete will not be wasting valuable time on any program that is not needed and put more on the programs needed to accomplish his or her goal.

2. Will SF create a highlight tape for my student athlete?

Sportz Farm works closely with contractors that will produce a attractive highlight tape for the viewing of college coaches.

3. Is my student athlete guaranteed to improve his/her SAT/ACT scores?

Though we can't guarantee anything, 100% of our student athletes received a higher score after 90 days of enrollment in our program.

4. Are there any guarantees that my child will get a scholarship?

Scholarships are earned based on academic & athletic performance. Our job is to get our student athletes the maximum exposure to increase their chances of receiving scholarships.

5. How is your organization different from everyone else?

Our organization prides itself by going above and beyond for our student athletes to assure that they have everything needed to increase their visibility and maximize their GPA and standardized test scores.

6. You're located in New Jersey We live in Texas how will this work?

We have traditional and online programs so it doesn't matter where you are located our academic and recruiting assistance programs is a click away.

7. Who runs your academic program?

Dr. Avonia Richardson-Miller is the Chief Academic Officer of Sportz Farm with more than 15 years of educational leadership background and diverse experience including positions as a teacher, principle, adjunct professor (Seton Hall University) and more.

8. Do you only do football?

No, Sportz Farm helps with all sports.


Daquan Bland-Bennet
West Virginia Wesleyan

"I can't say enough good things about Sportz Farm. I feel like the program provides you with stability in not only your football career but also your life as a whole. They were always there and pushed me to go harder than I would have on my own"

Dwight Wilkerson
Middletown North High School

"I just wanted to thank Sportz Farm for everything they've done for me during my off season. Everything you did for me couldn't go unnoticed. You've helped me the whole way through and pushed me beyond the limit. I'm so thankful for it all because not only did it make me a better player but a better man as well."

Jamar Small
Texas Southern University

"Sportz Farm provided more balance in my athletic and academic life. It's a great program that every student athlete around the country needs to use. It will truly help a lot of kids looking to make it to the next level"

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