Football Recruiting Services

Comprehensive recruiting services guaranteed to generate college coach interest & get you on the radar!

Combines & Showcase Exposure

Get invaluable collegiate exposure & build relationships with coaches via invite only camps, combines and invitationals.

Academic Tutoring ACT/SAT Prep

Increase your GPA, ACT & SAT scores to ensure eligibility and make yourself more attractive to college recruiters.

College Tours

Experience what college life is really like, visit a variety of campuses, identify your preferences & connect with college coaches.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance

Maximize the amount of financial aid and merit based scholarships you receive using our expert in-house assistance.

College Application Essay Writing Assistance

Make your college application and essay stand out from the crowd with our college application and essay writing expertise.

Football Recruiting Services

There are over 9 million high school student-athletes in the United States. Less than 8% will participate in college sports and an even lower percentage of at-risk inner city youth. That leaves millions of athletes who are good college prospects but get left out of scholarship opportunities. Why? They & their parents don't understand how college recruiting works, so college coaches never learn about them and the value they could bring to their programs.

At Sportz Farm we help close that gap and educate both our student-athletes and parents on how recruiting works and provide the tools and services to get it done right.

Our student-athletes are provided with everything they need from online profile creation, personalized email solicitations to college coaches, highlight reel assistance, academic tutoring, FAFSA/Financial aid assistance, college application and essay writing guidance and much more. Click the button below to get a free consultation to see how we can help you or your child.


One of the most important elements Sportz Farm provides is a strong academic component to the program. All athletes are required to submit transcripts and progress reports regularly. If the grades don’t indicate they are improving or showing effort, they are not allowed to participate in the athletic training or program. It’s often those non-academic activities that keep those kids engaged in the academic process and we leverage that completely.

Sportz Farm provides extensive academic preparatory support via intense tutoring sessions for both school and ACT/SAT prep. Both paid/volunteer tutors and SAT/ACT specialists attend and teach sessions in-person and remotely online. Click the button below to get a free consultation to see how we can help you or your child.


Exposure is the name of the game when it comes to getting recruited to play football in college. At Sportz Farm we hand select the most impactful college camps, combines and invitational?s for our student-athlete?s to attend.

There are 1000?s of camps every year but only a handful are worth the time, money and effort in terms of REAL exposure.

Don?t get lost in the money pit by attending any camp or combine hoping for exposure. The Sportz Farm staff will hold your hand through the maze ensuring you get the biggest bang for the buck attending only those camps college coaches and recruiters attend. We also host our own invitational every May in Elizabeth, NJ which garners the attention of big DI & DII college coaches and recruiters. Watch the trailer and signup below.


Experience what college life is really like, visit a variety of campuses, meet coaches and identify what you really want in a college. Sportz Farm not only trains students for success but also helps them build character and experience college life by taking them on annual national and regional college tours.

There?s nothing like experiencing campus life in person to avoid making the mistake of selecting what you may THINK is a good fit.

We also use this opportunity to expose the athletes to football camps and connect them with athletic coaches when their grades meet the colleges academic standards.